6 Tips: How To Become A Better Producer


I’ve collected my 6 best tips to really improve as a producer. Check them out, decide for yourself what you want to apply and go to work!!! https://youtu.be/0gVflhJxWUA 1. Improve workflow – Templates, Custom Chains, Presets Make sure that every time you go in the studio you make the most use out of your time….

How To Recycle Rawstyle Kicks


Recently I discovered this technique to re-use your old kicks and make them sound nice and fresh. I just used a Sampler some EQ and Distortion. The “magic” happened with the additional use of SerumFX adding another sub bass as well as Reverb and Distortion with heavy use of Serums internal modulation capabilities. Obviously, this…

Sonarworks Reference – What Is It And Do You Need It?


This question came up in our Facebook Community “The Hard Dance Producer Network”. My first contact with the Sonarworks Headphone Reference Plugin was around 2015. Since a couple of years I’ve been using it all the time. In this Video I’ll show what it is, what it does and discuss if it might be something,…

How To Make An Uptempo Kick Using Rob Papen Raw Kick


In this Tutorial I’m showing you one of many different approaches to make an Uptempo Kick from scratch. For this particular Uptempo Kick, I used Rob Papen Raw Kick to create three different Layers: Tok, Tail and Bass. Later on I used those Layers to create one unique Uptempo Kick. You can see how I…