How To Make BIG LEADS Out Of Raw Waveforms


    Nowadays a lot of sound design isn’t really happening too much in the Synthesizer anymore. More and more producers go outside and create interesting tones and textures with additional plugins. It is a very interesting and very special approach to use a Synthesizer for a Raw Waveform and to create a sound with…



    The new update of Nimble Kick opens up a lot of new possibilities to manipulate or create entirely new Hardstyle Kicks using Nimble Kick as a layering and processing tool. You can use two instances to split your Tok and Tail sounds and manipulate them individually as well as altering your overall Hardstyle…

GAME CHANGER for HARDSTYLE KICKS – Nimble Kick 1.1.0 is out!


    Nimble Kick is a Sampler made for Hardstyle Kicks. Back in the days we had to Pitch each individual Hardstyle Kick and create Multisampled Instruments. With the release of Nimble Kick this approach got obsolete. You can simply drop a One Shot in Nimble Kick and play your Kick the same way, how…

How To Sync Every Plugin To You Song Tempo (Tutorial)


    In this video I’ll be showing you how to calculate the time for beats, bars and so on in respect to your bpm. This is very useful for instance to time your Reverb Pre-Delay to a certain note value. Moreover I’m showing you how to Calculate Hz in beats and therefore be able…

TUTORIAL: Sidechain Compressor, Ducker and Sidechain Filters


    In this Video I’m trying to explain (as good as I can) how to use sidechain compressors for the pumping effect. I give some tips what type of Sidechain Sources to use and how to set up your settings. Moreover, we’re talking about ducking, which is similar, but gives you more control over…

How To Make Any Distortion Asymmetrical – Hardstyle Kick Tutorial 2021


    In this Tutorial I’m showing you a simple but powerful trick on how to use Asymmetrie in a very creative way to create your Hardstyle or Rawstyle Kicks. This video might also explain why elements in your mix sound completely different from hearing them in solo. Enjoy! Harddance Producer Network (Facebook Group):¬†…

The ULTIMATE Synth VST – Review of Icarus 2 by Tone2


    In this Video I’m going through Tone2’s Icarus 2 Wavetable Synthsizer. I’m showing the capabilities of this Synth and why it turned to be my favourite Synth. So far this is the most versatile and best software synthesizer for Rawstyle, Frenchcore and all the other Hard Dance Genres, that I came across off….

Overview: Rob Papen Punch 2 – The Ultimate Drum Machine


    In this video I’m showing you one of my latest Plugin discoveries, which has changed and improved my workflow quite a bit. In my opinion is Rob Papen’s Punch 2 the most versatile and powerful Drum Plugin that I’ve cam across so far. It has internal Synth Engines to create your Drum Sounds…

Sonarworks Reference – What Is It And Do You Need It?


This question came up in our Facebook Community “The Hard Dance Producer Network”. My first contact with the Sonarworks Headphone Reference Plugin was around 2015. Since a couple of years I’ve been using it all the time. In this Video I’ll show what it is, what it does and discuss if it might be something,…