Hardstyle Tutorial: Use Guitars to get Inspired for new Tracks!


    In this Video I’ll show you, how you can use guitars to come up with cool new Song ideas. You don’t really need amazing skills as well as expensive Guitars. Sometimes changing the process is already more than enough, to come up with very unique ideas which you wouldn’t have come up with…

Hardstyle Production in 24 bit Vs 32 bit


    In this video I’m touching on the topic: What is the difference between producing Hardstyle / Rawstyle in 32 Bit VS 24 Bit? I’ll briefly go though the theoretical part and show some examples in the real world. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/DRQPoNAAFe8 Harddance Producer Network (Facebook Group): http://bit.ly/GG-Network Please subscribe to my channel and leave a…

TUTORIAL: Sidechain Compressor, Ducker and Sidechain Filters


    In this Video I’m trying to explain (as good as I can) how to use sidechain compressors for the pumping effect. I give some tips what type of Sidechain Sources to use and how to set up your settings. Moreover, we’re talking about ducking, which is similar, but gives you more control over…

How To Make Any Distortion Asymmetrical – Hardstyle Kick Tutorial 2021


    In this Tutorial I’m showing you a simple but powerful trick on how to use Asymmetrie in a very creative way to create your Hardstyle or Rawstyle Kicks. This video might also explain why elements in your mix sound completely different from hearing them in solo. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/a5z45JigPEc Harddance Producer Network (Facebook Group): http://bit.ly/GG-Network…

How I Would Start As A Hardstyle/Rawstyle Producer


    In this Video I’m answering the frequently asked question: How To Start Producing Hardstyle, Rawstyle or Hard Dance in general. I’m simply putting down the way how I would get started, if I had to do it again. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/vyvWCz5HaE4 Harddance Producer Network (Facebook Group): http://bit.ly/GG-Network Please subscribe to my channel and leave a…

How To Work With SCREECH Samples


    I see many Producers completely underestimating the great possibilities you get, when you’re using Screech samples over Synth Patches. I decided to make a video and show just a few of those endless possibilities on how to work fast, efficient and very creative with Screech Samples made either by yourself or by others….

3 Tips On How To Make Screech Patterns


Here’s another edit from my weekly live stream, showing you 3 different approaches on how to create screech patterns. Unfortunately, I was dealing with huge latencies therefore my keyboard playing is not as good as it could be.  https://youtu.be/0u18rWA_ANw   Please leave a thumbs up, if you liked the video. Since I’m providing this knowledge…

6 Tips: How To Become A Better Producer


I’ve collected my 6 best tips to really improve as a producer. Check them out, decide for yourself what you want to apply and go to work!!! https://youtu.be/0gVflhJxWUA 1. Improve workflow – Templates, Custom Chains, Presets Make sure that every time you go in the studio you make the most use out of your time….