How I Would Start As A Hardstyle/Rawstyle Producer


    In this Video I’m answering the frequently asked question: How To Start Producing Hardstyle, Rawstyle or Hard Dance in general. I’m simply putting down the way how I would get started, if I had to do it again. Enjoy! Harddance Producer Network (Facebook Group): Please subscribe to my channel and leave a…

How To Work With SCREECH Samples


    I see many Producers completely underestimating the great possibilities you get, when you’re using Screech samples over Synth Patches. I decided to make a video and show just a few of those endless possibilities on how to work fast, efficient and very creative with Screech Samples made either by yourself or by others….

3 Tips On How To Make Screech Patterns


Here’s another edit from my weekly live stream, showing you 3 different approaches on how to create screech patterns. Unfortunately, I was dealing with huge latencies therefore my keyboard playing is not as good as it could be.   Please leave a thumbs up, if you liked the video. Since I’m providing this knowledge…

6 Tips: How To Become A Better Producer


I’ve collected my 6 best tips to really improve as a producer. Check them out, decide for yourself what you want to apply and go to work!!! 1. Improve workflow – Templates, Custom Chains, Presets Make sure that every time you go in the studio you make the most use out of your time….