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Make sure you check out General Guyble’s YouTube channel with lots of free Tutorials.

Private Coaching

One of the greatest things about the time we’re living in is the amount of information and resources avialable right at our fingertips. Highspeed internet and modern software makes it easy to meet up virtualy, communicate and collaborate.

General Guyble is using this technology to help up and coming producers to improve their skills and songs. He’s using a software which allows him to hear your audio in the highest quality and remotely control your computer. The greatest thing about this type of coachings is, that it almost feels like he came in your studio and helps to work on your setup and on your track. This is a major difference from just watching a tutorial. Moreover, General Guyble speaks fluently German, Englisch and Russian so in a lot of cases there is no language barrier.

One On One Online Coeaching

150€ per hour

Please use the contact form below if you want to book a session or if you have a question.