Ask The General

For many years I'm receiving a lot of questions from all kinds of Producers. Since a lot of questions are repeating themselves, I decided to make a Video Series called "Ask The General". Here you find the full Archive of this Video Series including a little description of what questions are answered in the Video.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments of any of my Videos or post them in the Hard Dance Producer Network Facebook Community.

ATG: 009


01. Headphones VS Speakers?
02. My take on Clipping in Rawstyle/Hardstyle?
03. Save 50% of revenue to pay for uncleared Samples
04. How to protect your hearing during Production?
05. Can I use the Ozone Imager on my Leads?
06. Thoughts on using Movie Quotes and Free Loops?
07. Adding Mono Leads?
08. Duplicate Synths and pan them L/R?


ATG: 008


01: Is it good to use Kicks from free Sample Packs?

02: How do I get a cleaner Lead Sound?

03: Which is the most brutal Kick you ever heard?

04: How do I get depth and wideness in my Track?

05: Did you ever had struggle in your love life due to producing?

ATG: 007


01: How to know, when a song is ready to be released?

02: Is it possible to mix with a slight hearing inbalance?

03: If I don't like the trends at the moment, but I want to make a name for myself, should I still do what is hot right now?

04: Is sampling legal and how to clear samples?

ATG: 006.2


01: Best acoustic solutions for a 2x2m room

02: What about the curtains in your studio? Are they for acoustical treatment?

03: Is the forced social distancing the end of the mass party scene as we know it?

04: Should you follow the trends or breaking the norm?


ATG: 006.1


01: How did you get good at Mastering and why do producers use external Mastering Services instead of doing it by themselves?

02: Is it a good approach to make Tracks sounding good in Mono and make them Stereo Afterwards?

03: Which VST to use to make a Kick


ATG: 005


01: Release tracks by yourself or wait for a label?

02: Why do DJs play pre-recorded sets?

03: How to stay motivated?

ATG: 004


01: Synths Sound Different After Export

02: My take on Pre-Recorded/Pre-Prepared DJ Sets

03: DJs playing only their own tracks - good or bad?

ATG: 003


01: How to make the Sub Bass for Hardstyle, Rawstyle and Core Kicks?

02: Leaving the day job: How to deal without a fixed income?

03: How to properly send demos to labels?


ATG: 002


01: How and where to use compression?

02: The best way to start a DJ career

03: Best Free DJ Software to start DJing

04: Are DJs really DJing or just playing finished Mixes


ATG: 001


01: Is it better to do a Mastering on a Stereo Mix or Stems?

02: Finishing tracks fast vs attention to details?

03: BMW vs Audio

04: Book recommendations for Sound Design

05: My Plans for the Future

06: Are there other genres I would like to produce

07: Steak or Fish




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