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In terms of Hardstyle or Rawstyle Production Templates can be extremely useful. Most Hardstyle Producers are afraid, that using a Template could somehow be limiting in their creativity. Without a doubt it can be true, but it doesn't have to be like that. You don't need to use a Template which has already all instruments loaded and even made all the critical mixing decisions. A template can be very usefully simply to take away the organisational and structural work, that needs to be done.
Naming and colouring your tracks upfront can help you to navigate through your session much easier once it's getting bigger. If you have the habit to run all your drums through one bus for instance, you could already set up that routing. I guess you get where I'm going with this. There will always be repeating stems which have nothing to do with your actual creativity. Simply setting them up once and never think about them again. Will free up many hours, days or maybe even years throughout your live as a Hardstyle or Rawstyle Producer.
In this Video I'm showing you my recent Template. Take the best most useful things for YOUR workflow and start working with templates today!

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