HDPN 001 – Interview with Vi Ta Lee

My guest today is Vi Ta Lee. He comes all the way from Israel. Chance is good that you never heard of him, but there is a 99% chance that you heard his work. In my opinion he's one of the most creative and talented sound designers for the harder styles. You can hear his sounds on the factory banks from many of the Rob Papen products. He released many Soundsets and sample packs with industrial strength samples as well as reveal sound spire. In the past years he had a huge impact on the scene with creating many Soundsets for Rob Papen raw kick. I guess he made already far more than 500 kick presets for this plugin.

Besides his work as a sound designer he's a busy producer. Making a lot of ghost production as well as his own music. Some of his projects have been Apex Mind, The Illuminati and Angry Tolerance.
He released his own music on labels like Industrial Strength Records, Hard Kryptic Records, midtown as well as his own labels Dark Like Hell Records, Mabovit Records and Vimb music.

He got an interesting story to tell as well as awesome production business and life advise. Let's roll the goddamn music and get started with the show. Enjoy!



Follow Vi Ta Lee:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vitaleeproduction/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vimb_music/
His Latest RAW Kick Soundset: https://xtrmraw.com/
Europa Damaged Kicks: https://www.loopmasters.com/genres/113-Hardcore/products/10358-Europa-Damaged-Kicks
AndrĂ  Tutto Bene by Marina Borodina & Vi Ta Lee: https://vimbmusic.bandcamp.com/album/marina-borodina-vi-ta-lee-andr-tutto-bene
Vi Ta Lee & Marina Borodina - Invisible Danger: https://www.hardtunes.com/tunes/vi-ta-lee-marina-borodina-invisible-danger/49364

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