How to work with 2 DAWs at the Same Time



Every Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) hast certain strengths and weaknesses. I've been working with Logic Pro for a total of about six years and with Ableton Live for about 7 years. While Ableton Live is a great DAW with unique functionalities as well as an incredibly fast Workflow, Logic Pro X has a number of features and attributes, which makes my life as a Producer and Sound Designer a whole lot easier. I've been trying out a lot of different ways how to use them simultaneously to get the best of both worlds.
A big issue which I've been facing was to get them perfectly in Sync with each other. I've tried various different things like MIDI Sync and I ended up using an old technology called ReWire.
In this Video I'll be showing you how to set up both DAWs through ReWire and the benefits you'll get by doing so.

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